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Master Policy Property Insurance Information- (Request Full Policy HERE)

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 Dear Unit Owners and Renters:

As residents of Leisure World of Maryland you should be aware that the Association’s Master Insurance Program does not satisfy all of your insurance needs. You should purchase personal insurance to fully protect your interest.

Master Policy Coverage & Personal Insurance Responsibilities

Building coverage under the Master Policy is written on an all‐in basis, which means coverage does extend within individual units to fixtures, appliances, wall and floor coverings and cabinetry according to the original plans and specifications, and any individual unit improvements, betterments, additions or alterations made subsequent to conveyance from the developer. For example, if kitchen appliances or bathroom fixtures have been upgraded in your unit, the Master Policy will cover these improvements or betterments. If wallpaper has been installed or a new wall constructed to divide a room, these additions and alterations are covered by the Master Policy. The Master Policy does not, however, provide coverage for your personal property or additional living expenses.

Building coverage under the Master Policy is subject to a $5,000 deductible per occurrence. Accordingly, the Master Policy will cover claims only when the damage caused by any one occurrence exceeds $5,000.  In accordance with the Maryland Condominium Act, if the cause of any damage to or destruction of any portion of the condominium originates from a unit, the owner of the unit where the cause of the damage or destruction originated is responsible for the council of unit owners’ property insurance deductible not to exceed $5,000.

Coverage is provided under the Master Policy to protect unit owners against liability claims arising out of membership in the association. For example, if somebody slips and falls on the common elements, the Master Policy will indemnify and defend all unit owners against a liability claim for bodily injury that might result. However, if anybody slips and falls or otherwise sustains bodily injury within an individual unit, the Master Policy liability coverage will not apply.


Resident Owners should purchase an individual homeowners policy (HO‐6). The HO‐6 policy can provide coverage for your personal property, additional living expenses and personal liability. Coverage can be arranged under some HO‐6 policies to pay for damages to your unit over your personal policy deductible.  Unit owners should check with your HO‐6 policy agent or company to determine if your policy provides coverage for damage to your unit up to the master policy deductible of $5,000 and coverage for any legal responsibility you might have for payment of the master policy deductible as it relates to third party property damage.

Non Resident Owners may not need coverage for personal property or additional living expenses; however do have all of the other insurable exposures of a resident owner. Additionally, non‐resident owners have an exposure for loss of rental income, which can be insured against. 

Renters should purchase an HO‐4 policy to provide coverage for personal property, additional living expenses and personal liability. 

All Claims should be reported to the management office.

Certificates of Insurance can be requested calling EOI at 877-456-3643 or visiting www.eoidirect.com

We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you during the coming year.

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